Thanuja Macharla


What bothers you the most?

Biggest Crush..

Describe your most embarassing experience..

If you were given wings to fly..where would you love to go?

Most astounding trait of your personality?

A subject you can always talk on?

Your most memorable can be anything..

Behavioural trait that impresses you the most in people..

The best thing about you..

Your most priced possession that you would love to preserve..

Define Love and Friendship in one line..

List any three things that you want to change in this world..

The basis of a true friendship according to you is?

Closing words /message/advice you would like to convey to me..

What inspires you the most?

First thing a person will notice about you is..


Your idol singer..

The positive side of you..

What would you like to change about me if given a chance?

The negative side of you..

Rate me on a scale of 10..

Best Buddies ??

What was your first impression on me ?

What do you think about me ? (You can make it as long as possible :P)

What do you like in me ?

What do you not like in me ?